Dr Christine E. Joynes

Dr Christine E. Joynes

Christine Joynes has directed the Centre for Reception History of the Bible at the University of Oxford since it was founded in 2002. She is a New Testament scholar with a particular interest in the reception history of the Gospels. She is presently writing the Blackwell Bible Commentary Mark Through the Centuries, and has written many articles exploring the impact of the Bible on art, music and literature. She is co-chair of ‘The Bible and Visual Art’ section at the Society of Biblical Literature as well as a steering committee member of the ‘Use, Influence and Impact of the Bible’ section.

Publications summary: 

2014. ‘Changing Horizons: Reflections on a Decade at Oxford University’s Centre for Reception History of the Bible’ Journal of the Bible and its Reception 1 (1): 161-71.

2016. 'John the Baptist in Literature', Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (De Gruyter).

2017. 'The Reception of the Bible and its Significance' in Scripture: An Ecumenical Introduction to the Bible and its Interpretation (2nd revised edition), ed. Michael Gorman (Baker Academic).  

2018. 'Reception history' in The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies. Ed. Julia M. O'Brien. (Oxford and NY: OUP, in press).